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Bovine Services



We provide both in clinic and on farm exams for cattle. Due to an extensive drive through handling system in clinic exams are simplified. Farm calls are attended with vet trucks that are equipped with a vet box that supplies water, power and refrigeration


Common Surgeries are: 

      - Cesarians

      - Belly nut

      - LDA and RDA  (Left\right displaced abomasum) 

      - Removal of Cancer eyes

Common Procedures: 

      - Prolapse

      - Cast application 

      - IV hook up 


Herd Health

Due to government laws, we need to have a Veterinarian Client Patient Relationship (VCPR) in order to give out prescription drugs. We do this annually with our producers so we have this relationship but to also discuss the best herd health plan for your operation. Individual protocols can be developed and customized for your cattle herds. 


All three of our large animal veterinarians can provide reproduction soundness exams. ie. preg checking/ultrasound, and semen evaluations.

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We provide a variety of vaccine options for your herd. We can start you on the right vaccine protocol to help keep your herd healthy and prevent out breaks. 

Diagnostic and Lab Procedures

We provide BSE sampling as well as post postmortems. We have a full in house lab and also work directly with outside labs to get fast and efficient results. 

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