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We understand that losing a pet is a day we all know is coming but we hope will never arrive. We try to make this process as easy and as compassionate as possible. This page was made for you too look through your options and prepare you for that day as much as possible.

Cat With Blue Eyes

Memorial Options

We offer a few different memorial options, 

  • White clay imprints made in the clinic by our RVT’s and VMA’s, these include your pets name handwritten into the clay and 1-2 paw prints (depending on the size of your pet). These are ready to go by the next day. 

  • Ink Paw Print, these are done in the clinic by our RVT’s and VMA’s, they include 2-4 black ink paw prints on cardstock paper. These are ready to go by the time you leave. 

Cat With Blue Eyes


We offer 2 cremation options, private and general. Private is where you will get your pets ashes in an urn. General is where you don't get your ashes back. You are also welcome to take your pet home for burial if your municipality allows it and weather permits. 

Equine Euthanasia 

Our equine euthanasia's can be done on farm or in clinic. If done on farm burial is a great option but there are also a few companies we can use for disposal (in clinic and on farm). 

  • Just Passing Horse Transport & Bereavement

  • West Coast Reduction 

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